Return Policy

RA's/Freight Claims/Warranty (Parts and Supplies)
Mandy Thompson 800-727-0884 ext 2553 

RA Instructions:

1. RA request form must be completed with the required information.

2. RA request must include a copy of the Collins invoice showing the item to be returned. (Serial numbers must match invoice.)

3. Returned equipment must be in the original box and packing with all attachments, cartridges, cords and manuals.  The value of any missing items will be deducted from any credit that will be provided. All items returned with improper/insufficient packing will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.

4. Defective items must have a supply usage report sent with the RA Request Form.

5. Once the manufacturer approves the return, Collins will issue the required RA number. Distributing RA Form.pdf

Freight Claims:

1. Freight companies are only liable for the issues noted on the POD. We recommend that all of our customers verify and inspect their items prior to signing the POD free and clear.

2. All freight claims must include photos of the damaged item – all 4 sides of the boxes, the item itself, and manufacturer/item details (must include serial number).

3. Claim must include a copy of the Collins invoice showing the item damaged.

4. All freight claims must be submitted within 24-48 hours.


Warrany Part Requirements:

1. Model #
2. Serial Number
3. Tech Name
4. Machine Install Date
5. Page Count
6. PO# for parts needed
7. Part # 
8. Part Description
9. Part Installation Date
10. Old Part Serial Number
11. New Part Serial Number
12 Reason for Return
Reports required for warranty approval:
User Status
Service Status
Event Log
Service Test Page
Maintenance Report
Color Print Sample - that shows defect

**Warranty will not be approved without all requirements fullfilled. Items being replaced by warranty must be returned to Collins within 7 days of the customer receiving the replacement warranty part. Items not received within the 7 days will be invoiced to the customer. PART REQUIREMENTS.pdf